Testosterone-Enanthate Profile


It is the most popular anabolic steroid of all time, the most commonly used among performance enhancing athletes and one of the most commonly prescribed anabolic steroids for the purpose of treating low testosterone, or as part of a full-blown androgen deficiency treatment plan for conditions such as Andropause. A single large ester testosterone compound, Testosterone-Enanthate can be used by any man regardless of his level of experience, and will be just as beneficial regardless of how long he's been supplementing with anabolic steroids. Of course, it keeps getting better; Testosterone-Enanthate is about as versatile as an anabolic steroid can be, and this versatility means it can be used for just about any purpose. If you have off-season growth goals, this is the steroid for you; if you're looking to cut up or enhance athletic performance, Testosterone-Enanthate has several things to offer. In many ways, and we'll see this as we dig in, Testosterone-Enanthate carries numerous benefits; almost all the benefits an anabolic androgenic steroid can offer. With this in mind, let's take a look at this powerfully amazing steroid, its nature, how it performs, and of course, all you need to know in-order to ensure safe and successful supplementation.

Testosterone-Enanthate 101:

Testosterone-Enanthate is nothing more than a pure testosterone hormone attached to the large Enanthate ester, and to understand it, we merely need to understand the testosterone hormone and how such an ester affects it. Testosterone is a hormone produced by both men and women; both sexes require it, it's essential to our well-being and overall health; however, men require significantly more. This is a hormone that affects not only our physique in-regards to muscularity and strength, but it affects our metabolic rate, our sexual function and can even play a role revolving around our mental capacity. In-order to provide an understanding, we only need to look at what happens when someone falls into a low testosterone condition; the results cannot only be extremely bothersome, but tremendously damaging to your overall quality of life. Those who suffer from low levels often suffer from one or all of the following conditions; thankfully, Testosterone-Enanthate can remedy them all:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss of Libido
  • Loss of Muscle Mass - despite diet and exercise
  • Loss of Strength - despite diet and exercise
  • Increased Body-Fat - despite diet and exercise
  • Inability to Lose Body-Fat - despite diet and exercise
  • Loss of Energy
  • Loss of Mental Clarity or Focus
  • Insomnia
  • Lacking Recovery - despite diet and exercise
  • Depression
  • Weakened Immune System

It doesn't take a genius to see how damaging low testosterone can be, and as stated, Testosterone-Enanthate can remedy every last problem if the problem is being caused by a low level condition. Of course, this raises an important question; how does all of this translate into performance enhancement? For the performance enhancer, he too may benefit from what was discussed above, but his true benefit will be in that there's even more testosterone, and as such, some of its other traits will be enhanced. Absolutely, the hormone still performs in the same way through therapeutic doses, but with supraphysiological doses the following traits are enhanced:

  • Enhanced Protein Synthesis
  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention in the Muscles

Increased Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) Production

  • Decreased Glucocorticoid Production
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count

The above traits represent five of the primary anabolic steroid traits, and Testosterone-Enanthate carries them all, and at a high level of power. Truly, nearly all performance goals can be reached, and this leaves one final question; what about the Enanthate ester? The Enanthate ester is a rather large ester, and it will affect the compounds molecular weight and half-life, but the half-life is really all you need to be concerned with. The half-life will affect this steroid's initial activity time, but more importantly it will affect its total active duration. Testosterone-Enanthate carries an active half-life of approximately 10.5 days; that's not the longest half-life a steroid can hold but it is significant in duration. This will make this somewhat of a rather slow acting steroid, but its active duration will be quite extended. As is the case, most performance enhancers will find two equal sized injections per week to be the way to go; you might be able to get away with a single large injection due to the long half-life, but you'll maintain peaked blood levels with twice per week, and that's a key to performance.

The Benefits of Testosterone-Enanthate:

The benefits of Testosterone-Enanthate are easy to see in a therapeutic sense; you suffer from a low level condition, the symptoms listed above exist, and through supplementation they exist no more; that's about as simple as it gets. Then we have performance enhancement, and with more than six-million adults in the U.S. alone supplementing for the sole purpose of performance this will be what matters to most. As we have stated numerous times, Testosterone-Enanthate can truly offer something for every aspect of performance; after all, recall from above it is one of the most versatile steroidal hormones we have.

For gaining lean muscle tissue, Testosterone-Enanthate is the answer; this makes it a prime off-season bulking steroid, and with the right food intake the gains will be more than significant. Further, as this steroid greatly enhances your metabolic rate, you will be able to gain more lean mass with less body-fat gain that would normally accompany it, and that is invaluable. Of course, strength will also increase, and that's a nice trait regardless of your purpose of use, but especially beneficial to the performance athlete. Then we have cutting, and we can assure you Testosterone-Enanthate can be quite valuable for this purpose. This is an ultimate steroid when it comes to lean tissue preservation; in-order to lose body-fat, you must be in a calorie deficit, and as a result muscle tissue is often lost. Testosterone-Enanthate will help you protect this hard earned tissue; not only that, as your metabolism will be enhanced you'll be able to burn even more body-fat, and that simply leads to a happier and healthier you.

Beyond the direct bulking, cutting and strength traits, regardless of your purpose of use muscular endurance will increase, and as a result you will not tire out as fast. Further, your overall rate of recovery will be far enhanced; you'll recover from your training and all other strenuous activities faster, and far more efficiently. This will help your energy levels to increase even more; after all, less energy will be spent on recovery, leaving you more energy to do the things you desire. Further, as supplementation will enhance your sense of well-being, this simply give you more drive, a more positive outlook, and that all equals progress and success.

The Side-Effect of Testosterone-Enanthate:

Like all anabolic steroids, Testosterone-Enanthate carries possible side-effects, and like most anabolic steroids it will be suppressive to your natural testosterone production. Even so, this suppression is of very little concern while you're supplementing; after all, you're providing your body all the testosterone it needs and it now has no need to make its own. Of course, as production has been suppressed, your testicles will atrophy; this will hold true for performance and therapeutic supplementation; atrophy merely referring to a loss of fullness; it's nothing to get up in arms about. Of course, once you discontinue use, (low testosterone patients won't be discontinuing) your natural testosterone production will begin again once all the exogenous hormones have cleared your system. As a result, your testicles will return to their normal size; this is all assuming you did not suffer from a severe low level condition prior to supplementation, and did not damage your HPTA through poor supplementation practices.

Beyond testosterone suppression, Testosterone-Enanthate will carry a few possible side-effects, and the conversion of testosterone into estrogen that occurs through the aromatase factor will be the prime cause. As aromatase occurs and estrogen levels rise, this is why many report excess water retention, and precisely why gynecomastia (male-breast enlargement) can be a risk. For this reason, it is useful to use an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI), as an AI will inhibit aromatase and even lower your estrogen levels; a clean diet is also recommended to aid in staving off water retention. A clean diet can also help protect your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and as excess estrogen can have an effect on such levels, once again an AI is recommended. Of course, AI's can also have a negative impact on cholesterol; however, with a proper diet, and we do mean proper, if your levels were proper beforehand you can maintain them.

Total Use:

Therapeutic doses of Testosterone-Enanthate can vary tremendously depending on the individual's needs; in the U.S., the standard high end dosing of testosterone is 200mg per week, with many receiving only half that much. Then we have performance, with the average low end dose normally being in the 500mg per week range; some may use less simply to combat the suppression of other steroids, say 200-300mg per week, but Testosterone-Enanthate performance benefits really won't occur until you reach the 500mg mark. 500mg per week is normally easy for most men to control; it's rarely problematic in the healthy adult male, and will almost always yield great results; in many cases, it's all that's ever needed or desired.

Of course, doses can increase, with 1,000mg or 1g per week generally being the maximum a healthy adult male can tolerate while controlling aromatase. Due to a lot of testosterone being in play with such doses, thereby causing a possible large testosterone to estrogen conversion, doses that are in this 1g per week range are often easier to control on an every other day basis. On the basis of the steroids half-life such a schedule is not needed; however, you will be able to control the aromatase factor with smaller more frequent doses much easier. Regardless of dosing, there's really no set time frame on how long you can supplement; due to the slow acting nature anything less than 8 weeks is generally a waste of time, with 12 to 16 weeks being far more optimal; 20+ can even be accomplished safely and successfully, but you need to have a lot of experience, a good understanding of your reactions, and a legitimate need to try such a plan.